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– Snacks –

Olives $6.30

Oyster, seaweed vinegar, pickled fennel $4.75 each

Appellation Rock oyster, seaweed vinegar, pickled fennel $5.40 each

Sheep’s milk cheese, sweet and sour onions, pickled radish $5.40 each

Cuttlefish cracker, mussel dip dip, finger lime $8

– Starters –

Cured kingfish, fermented zucchini, sea parsley, horseradish $17

Celeriac, oyster mushroom, chicken skin, caramelised onion $20

Jerusalem artichoke, grilled radicchio, goats curd, spring onion $21

Raw kangaroo, pumpkin seed , saltbush $20

Octopus, whipped feta, pickled green tomato, fried bread $22

Chicken liver pate, prune puree, grilled bread $19

– Mains –

Pork belly, rhubarb, the whole cabbage $36

Roasted eggplant, sweet peppers, walnut, shanklish $27

Murray Cod, grilled fennel, sea blite, caramelised whey $44

Slow cooked lamb shoulder, smoked yoghurt, bay $42

Grass fed ribeye tomahawk, spiced butter (1kg) $108

Half ‘Great Ocean Duck’, fermented fennel, cherry $70

– Sides –

Salad of coz, parmesan, fried shallots, dill $13

Grilled corn, burnt eggplant, coriander, pecorino $12

Fried potatoes, sour cream, chive $12

– Dessert –

Milk jam, pear, oat, yoghurt whey $13

Malva pudding, cultured cream, quince, hazelnut $13

Burnt apple, cheddar, saltbush, macadamia $13

Tasting menu (9 dishes) $71pp – with Great Ocean Duck $86pp

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