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 – Snacks –

Olives $6.50

Lime and chilli pork crackling $7.50

Oyster, seaweed vinegar $4

Heirloom vegetables, compost treacle, pistachio $7.50

 – Starters –

Cured fish, pickled fennel, horseradish, bower spinach $16.50 

Fried school prawns, peri peri mayonnaise $15 

Artichokes, pickled shiitake, celeriac, fried kale $17.50 

Stracciatella, bitter leaves, burnt honey, pickled pear $18.50

Wagyu pastrami, mustard cream, pickles $17.50

 – Mains –

Pork belly, burnt apple, grilled cabbage $33.50 

Roasted cauliflower, button mushroom, red onion, saltbush $24.50

Fish, fennel, leek, sea blite, dill $MP 

Beef cheek pickled red cabbage, turnip, thyme $33.50

Chicken, grilled cos, halloumi, capers $33.50

Slow cooked lamb shoulder, smoked yoghurt, bay, broccoli $33.50

Wagyu rib eye steak, spiced butter (1kg) $130

 – Sides –

Roasted carrot salad, almond, salted ricotta $12 

Brussels sprouts, pinenut, currants, pecorino $12 

Fried potatoes, sour cream, chive $12 

 – Dessert –

Malva pudding, cultured cream, quince, wood sorrel $14


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Takeaway hotline 0482560776

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