House made sourdough with cultured butter $10

Salt and vinegar pork crackling $9

Oyster, whey, beach mustard $5.75 ea

Appellation oyster, whey, beach mustard $7 ea

Cheese and onion eclair $10 ea

Murray cod pastrami on sourdough with cultured cream $11 ea

Chewy carrots, with lovage and pumpkin glaze $11

Chicken oyster, oyster mushroom, dried oyster $16

Pate, plum, chicken fat toast $17



Beet tartare, eel,  walnut and horseradish $25

Tomatoes, smoked sardine, young cheese $25

Mussels, beach herbs, potato, fermented pepper $26

Cauliflower press, pickled apple, hazelnut $26

Kangaroo carpaccio, saltbush, cheese rind $22

Venison shin, creamed corn, sea parsley $26



Great Ocean Duck, whole orange puree $85

Dairy cow, Torquay butter $22 per 100g

Pork neck, fried ears, burnt apple  $48

Barramundi, beach herbs, pickled  fennel $41



Grilled Broccoli , cashew, crispy chili $16

Salad, fermented beans, house ricotta $16

Crushed potato, smoked garlic, fried skins $16



Daintree chocolate, buttermilk ice cream, whey caramel $18

Stone fruit and quince pavlova, Geraldton wax $16

Bellarine Tomme, celeriac, celery granita, burnt honey $16

Tasting Menu $99

           – With great ocean duck     +21pp

           – With dairy cow     +10pp